Red Lion. Eat Well and Do Good

100% of our post tax profits go to UK forces' charities

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Eat Well and Do Good. Buy your every day household foods and we'll donate to Armed Forces Charities

Red Lion Foods gives 100% of post-tax profit to Armed Forces' charities and charitable activities. Since inception, we have given away £1.3 million. Click here for further details about Red Lion Foods' finances .

When you buy our products, not only are you buying our excellent products to eat, but with the same money you are donating to Armed Forces charities who are supporting those heroes that need charitable help. Click here for further details on the charities we support and the activities we are supporting.

Red Lion Foods works with a number of supplier partners to produce a range of good quality, great tasting food at affordable prices. Our products, from cooked meats and tinned foods, to sauces and confectionary, are available from leading supermarkets. Take a look at our products.


Red Lion Foods statement on current public concerns :

According to the BBC (view article),The Food Standards Agency has directed the Red Lion Abattoir in Cheshire, to close down after failing to meet standards for the safe production of meats.

Red Lion Foods is not associated in any way with the Red Lion Abattoir that has featured in media reports in recent weeks..